Market Dancer offers a three-pronged approach to teaching clients the ins and outs of day trading — Educate, Simulate, Initiate.

Floor Trader Insight Report

  • FREE Floor Trader Insight Report
  • 10 "Expert" Rules That Keep Losing You Money
  • Proven Rule-Breaking Tips That Really Work
  • 5 Reasons Why Most Traders Fail
  • Reverse the Pattern of Losing
  • Debunking The 3:1 Reward to Risk Strategy

Hire a PRO - Trading Room Trial

$2Per Hour
$2Per Hour
  • MARKET DANCER takes the Risk: Check us out first before you decide if this is for you. Unlike other web sites that make you pay up front, you pay on your terms.
  • YOU CHOOSE ON YOUR TERMS: Take our trial for as long as you need. MARKET DANCER lets you check us out for 1 day up to 1 month (20 Trading Days). You pay only for the number of hours you need. No minimum commitment.
  • ELIMINATE CONFUSION: All of our comments are posted in the chat room. We keep transcripts and time stamps of all alerts. MARKET DANCER makes trading clear. Our alerts are taken directly from our noteworthy Self-Directed course and our Real Time Evening Course.
  • Receive MARKET DANCER's Floor Trader Insights Report
  • Trader Evaluation Questionaire
  • LIVE Trading Room Trial

Learn Like a PRO

$299Per Course
$299Per Course
  • The Market Dancer A-Z Self-Study Guide a four volume study guide that you can work through on your own time at you own pace.
  • Purchase each volume individually for $299 or purchase the entire set for $899 (a 25% savings).
  • Whether you want to trade Equities Futures, Gold, Oil, or Stocks, etc., the techniques and methodologies detailed in this guide are applicable to all.
  • The Market Dancer A-Z Self-Study Guide provide you with the practice you need to become an expert with trade entries that are both high-probability, low risk setups.
  • With your purchase of the A-Z Self-Study Guide, Market Dancer provides three personal telephone consultations are included to expedite your learning capacity.
  • With the purchase of the Market Dancer A-Z Self-Study Guide, you’ll receive a trial for 90-DAY ACCESS to the Market Dancer Live Trading Room. (A $1500 Value)

Trade Like a PRO

$2,999Life Member
$2,999Life Member
  • Our leading Market Dancer Professional trader's course. Everything you need to make this your career!
  • This course is:1-Real Time2-Run by Professional Trader/Instructor3-Interactive with attendee4-One and one half hours; Twice per week
  • You TRADE real-time with professional traders and successful clients.
  • You view Market Dancer real-time charts
  • We post the support/resistance of what the institutions and insiders are looking at before the market opens.
  • We put into practice exactly what we teach in the Market Dancer Trader PRO-Lab and the A-Z Guide.

Aggressive Strategies.
Proven Results.

Market Dancer is an investment counseling firm that offers web-based training seminars and follow-up coaching to teach investors how to become successful short-term stock market day traders. Through our exclusive online day training rooms, we share aggressive wealth-building trading strategies with our clients. Our World-class faculty consists of former successful New York and Chicago floor traders along with our most outstanding clients. Each faculty member can trade. More important, each one has the ability and desire to share their knowledge and experience with YOU!



We offer web-based training seminars and follow-up coaching to teach you how to become a successful short term stock market day trader. START TODAY!



Using trading simulators, our clients can make real-time, real-world trades without putting real money at risk while learning. GET STARTED!



Once your training is complete, you can begin trading under the tutelage of one of our world-class faculty of successful floor traders. BEGIN NOW!