Our NinjaTrader Indicators have unique capabilities and advantages

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Ninjatrader Indicators are Available from a select group of developers:


THE BASIC PACKAGE We have basic indicators available that our developers have already programmed so you do not have to bother. Moving averages, stochastics, break out ranges of support and resistance can be customized to your specifications.

ADVANCED INDICATORS include THE MOST popular PureTick indicators. Yes we now have the Filters, Triggers and the famous Guru Bars.


[alert type=”info” display=”inline”]Please be advised that PureTick has made a reasonable attempt to endorse the work and reliability of our developers. PureTick is only offering this as a convenience to our clients and processing payments to deliver to developers. We can not guarantee satisfaction as all developers are independent contractors. Any guarantee or promise must be between our client and the developer.[/alert]

[alert type=”info” display=”inline”]For more information email Michele Trumper at Michele@PureTick.co  You may also call Toll-free (877) 465-6641[/alert]