It is fashionable for amateur trading gurus to brag about "How Great They Are"

Please don't fall for that. It should be all about how great the clients are doing.

So how do you evaluate a Trading Educator?

  • We have been in business over 30 years!
  • Our Advisors have owned memberships on exchanges:  CME and NYSE
  • We have worked for firms: Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley and others
  • We back up our results with Real Clients You can talk with
    • No vague testimonials by abbreviated names in some major city
    • Try confirming some trading guru's outrageous claims by finding JR in New York LOL

Check out our Services Below:

  • One on One Mentorship in Destin, FL is a 1 week Personal Mentorship. In addition to one full week at our Destin, FL location, we continue with 3 weeks of one-on-one training with a personal coach online.  This course is $11,000. It is popular but we do have openings starting 6 weeks from now. Fees must be paid in full before a client attends any Mentorship.

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  • The Market Timer Program a virtual classroom. We teach all of our knowledge, secrets, and methods in the comfort of your home. This course is taught online in small groups. The fee is $7,999. Payment Plans are available.

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  • The Power Technician Course is a downloadable course in e-book format offering the more sophisticated trader a chance to learn and review the latest cutting edge trading techniques. This course is ideal for either a busy individual or anyone who prefers to learn on their schedule, their pace, all without instructor assistance. The fee is $1,999. Payment Plans are available.

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  • In addition to the above courses, we do have an amazing real time trader’s chat room where traders can review our charts and trading  ideas or just discuss trading and market conditions with fellow traders. Monthly rate is $599.00

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