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  • Instruction
  • Insight
  • Knowledge


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Our Live Trading Room-If You’re Good we’ll make You Better

PureTick.co hosts a live trading alert and education service geared towards new and experienced traders. Learn to make money even when the market is declining. Backed by an established track record (click to view) that speaks for itself.

Alex Wasilewski, CEO and President of PureTick.co, has spent years perfecting the TTW Filter/Trigger breakthrough methods and would like to see others prosper from them. However, trading is not for everyone. If you’re not sure it’s right for you and would like to be contacted by phone, please e-mail us at this page.[/col][col size=”1/3″][pevideo id=”2520″]

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“We provide personal insight to traders with genuine drive and determination. Each day you will walk away with something new.”


YM Room Hours:
9:30AM – 4PM (NYSE)
Eastern Standard Time

A PureTick.co Advisor will call you back, answer your questions, and determine if our alerts are right for you. We provide personal insight to traders with genuine drive and determination. Each day you will walk away with something new. Each day you will hear AUDIO TRADING CALLS and educational commentary.

We buy and sell these contracts intra-day and do not hold over night. Thus, you do not ever need to concern yourself with the future contract expiration date. You trade them just like you would any other normal stock.


PureTick Let’s You Trade Right along With Us

If you are a disciplined person and looking for a serious place to master the ability to trade, we’re confident you’ll find this the best place on the web. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us or sign up for the free Puretick.co E-Book. Our trading room uses a totally free version of HotCommCL.


[tabs][tab title=”What You Will Learn”]

  • Advance notice of Approaching Trades
  • Stop Prices/Entry Prices
  • Profit Target Levels
  • Scale In/Out Suggestions
  • Systematically Tested Intra-Day Calls
  • Live Commentary as the Market Unfolds

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  • Confidence
  • Clarity
  • Guidance
  • A trading Edge
  • Community


Get Live Day Trading Advice from AlexLW at PureTick Futures Day Trading University!